Our Areas of Practice

Employment and Labour Relations law
In this area of practice we seek to offer to our clients:-

Labour law compliance, constitutional compliance and due diligence advisory services.

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Investment and Trade Law
This is a growing area of law as Kenya becomes a hub for investments and trade in Africa.

We draft and negotiate investment and trade agreements on behalf of companies and governments with a particular emphasis on labour law which is the firm’s focused area of practice.

Dispute resolution
We offer services in:-

Litigation and Negotiating commercial and civil disputes for companies.

Mediating disputes on behalf of companies and individuals.

Representing clients in arbitration proceedings and facilitating the process of recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.

We have acted for:-

Various Listed banks and individuals.

In June – July 2015 we represented a family in a burial dispute and conducted the full hearing in a record one month.

Commercial and Conveyancing Law

We negotiate and draft commercial agreements

We assist our clients purchase and sell property.

We advise and act for clients in real estate projects and developments

We conduct due diligence in real estate and development projects.

International Business and Human Rights Law vis a vis Constitutional Law
Business and Human Rights serves as a support to the core practice areas.

We help companies conduct constitutional due diligence audit aimed at complying with the Constitution.

We also offer advice on constitutional compliance and keep our clients well updated on constitutional developments that affect their enterprises.

We represent clients in the Constitutional Division of the High Court to litigate to seek enforcement of rights that will facilitate business.

Consultancy and Training Services

The firm also consults for the government and non-governmental organizations in the areas of employment and labour relations law, trade, investments and their linkage with human rights at the national, regional and international arena

N.G.O & Corporate Compliance

We help Non-governmental organizations comply with the registration, immigration and practice regulations and laws.

Electoral Law Practice & Compliance

We represent aspirants and elected Governors, Senators and Members of Parliament in election related cases including Nomination Disputes and Election Petitions. Above that, we are constantly monitoring changes in electoral laws to help our clients comply with the law beforehand. During the 2013 general elections, our firm was involved in litigating an election petition in the High Court, Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.